Online Provider Training Registration

Online registration instructions for Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) enrolled providers

For all trainings except for Steps for Success

Complete all of the following steps to register: 

·        Confirm that you are a registered MN–ITS user with your practice or organization.

·        On this page, do the following:

    • In the Service field, select PCA or all other services
    • In the Training field, select an option based on your provided service or claim type.
    • In the NPI field, enter your 10-digit NPI or UMPI (if required).
    • Click Next – Register.
    •  Enter the information requested after registering and click Submit.  

For CFSS/Personal Care Assistance (PCA)Steps for Success  

The PCA Steps for Success training is for PCA agency owners and managers only. Complete all the following steps to register:
    ·        First, pass a pre-test to receive a certificate number to register for Steps for Success.

·        To register for Steps for Success, check if there is a training date available under Dates, location, and webinar details on the PCA Steps for Success workshop webpage. If a training is available and you have passed your pre-test, scroll to the bottom of this page and do the following:

o   In the Service field, select CFSS. This is the PCA Steps for Success training.

o    In the Training field, select CFSS Steps for Success.

o    In the Certificate Number field, enter your pre-test certificate number.

o   In the Location field, select Webinar 2.0.

o   Click Next – Register.

o    Enter the information requested after registering and click Submit.  

Training capacity, registration close dates and confirmation details
The following information applies to all trainings:

·        Trainings automatically close and are not listed when full. Training registration closes as follows.

    • Free training registration closes three business days before the training.
    • Paid training registration closes seven business days before the training at 8:00 am.

·        You will receive an email confirmation when your registration is successfully completed.

·        Your link to attend the training is sent the week before the training date to the email address of the registered attendee(s).

·        When joining the Webex training, please sign in with your full name.

Call the MHCP Provider Resource Center at 651-431-2700 or 800-366-5411 with registration questions.

Select a Service and Training, choose a Location, enter your 10-digit NPI/UMPI if required, and click the Next – Register button below.